Préfet Yann Jounot

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Civipol
President, Milipol Exhibitions

After leaving the National School of Administration (promotion Fernand Braudel 1987), Préfet Yann Jounot joined the French Ministry of the Interior where he spent most of his career.

His career as a Préfet has been mainly focused on national security issues, an area of strategic action  he helped to set out in two successive government white papers on defence and national security in 2008 and 2013.

After his time in the Eastern Zone of Defence where he oversaw security an defence issues (2006-2008), Préfet Jounot was responsible to set up the Security Planning Division of the French Ministry of Interior as well as the Interagency Crisis Management Centre.

In 2010, Préfet Jounot joined the Prime Minister’s Secretariat General for Defence and National Security as Director for the protection and security of the State. In his functions, he oversaw the planning of the French national security apparatus against all threats and risks of interest to the French President of the Republic and the French Prime minister, to include prevention of radicalisation and terrorism.

After three years as Préfet des Hauts-de-Seine (2013-2016), the French President of the Republic choose Préfet Jounot to be his National coordinator of intelligence.

Since 2017, Préfet Jounot is chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Civipol, the international implementer of the French ministry of Interior. Civipol implements operational cooperations with foreign governments on issues related to secured identity, the fight against all types of traffics and terrorism and the ability for a State to implement its prevention and security policies on the whole of its territory.

Préfet Jounot is also President of Milipol exhibitions, the international events dedicated to homeland security.

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