Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Security Forum?

The Global Security Forum is an annual two-day conference that brings together a multi-disciplinary network of experts, practitioners, and policy-makers from government, security, academia, media, entertainment, international organizations, the humanitarian sector, the private sector and beyond to come together to discuss the world’s most pressing topics.


Who organizes the event?

The Global Security Forum is organized by The Soufan Center (TSC) and the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies (QIASS). Each year, the Global Security Forum also works with a diverse range of local and international partners. More information on organizers and partners is available here.


What is the topic this year?

The 2019 Global Security Forum topic will be ‘Security Challenges in the Era of Modern Disinformation.’ The conference will address the security challenges posed by the proliferation of modern disinformation and the serious implications this has on an increasingly interconnected world.


When is the Global Security Forum held?

The 2019 Global Security Forum will take place from 15-16 October in Doha, Qatar.


Where will the Global Security Forum be held? 

The 2019 Global Security Forum will be held at the St. Regis Hotel in Doha, Qatar.


Who would benefit from attending the Global Security Forum?

The Global Security Forum convenes a multi-disciplinary, global network of experts working at the intersection of security, good governance, and human rights. The international, multidisciplinary approach – bringing together participants from diverse countries and backgrounds – provides a unique opportunity for researchers, public officials, policymakers, diplomats, academics, intelligence, military, and law enforcement professionals, and journalists to come together with governments to discuss the world’s leading security challenges.


Will the 2019 Global Security Forum be available to watch online?

The 2019 Global Security Forum will be live-streamed and available to watch online. The conference will also be recorded and available to watch online after the event. The 2018 Global Security Forum is available to watch here.


How do I register?

Attendance at the 2019 Global Security Forum is by-invitation only.  If you would be interested to attend, please contact for more information.


Is the event open to press and media?

The Global Security Forum will be open to media coverage by invited members of the press. A dedicated media room will be made available to all credentialed media, to include private space for conducting interviews with speakers and participants, and complete with WI-FI-access and workspace. For media inquiries and information on accreditation please contact the media coordinator, Stephanie Foggett, via email at

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