What is the Global Security Forum?

Established in 2018, the Global Security Forum is an annual international gathering hosted by The Soufan Center. For several years it has brought together an international network of senior officials and experts, and consistently included ministers, heads of security agencies, and prominent experts, academics, and journalists. This invitation-only event provides a unique dynamic platform for international stakeholders to convene and address the international community’s leading security challenges.

Who organizes the Global Security Forum?

The Global Security Forum is organized by The Soufan Center (TSC). Each year, the Global Security Forum also works with a diverse range of local and international partners. More information on organizers and partners is available here.

Will there be a 2023 Global Security Forum?

The 2023 Global Security Forum will build on the successes of the previous forums. The Forum will take place from March 13-15, in Doha, Qatar..

Who attends the Global Security Forum?

The Global Security Forum convenes a multi-disciplinary, global network of practitioners and experts working at the intersection of security, good governance, and human rights. The international, multidisciplinary approach – bringing together participants from diverse countries and backgrounds – provides a unique opportunity for researchers, public officials, policymakers, diplomats, academics, intelligence, military, and law enforcement professionals, and journalists to come together with governments to discuss the world’s leading security challenges.

Is the Global Security Forum available to watch online?

The Global Security Forum is live-streamed and available to watch online. The annual conference is also recorded and videos will be made available to watch on demand after the event. For all past videos, please visit here.

How do I register?

In-person attendance at the Global Security Forum is by invitation only. The event is live-streamed and virtual attendees can register for updates to watch online here. Please contact for more information.

Is programming available in multiple languages?

The Global Security Forum will be predominantly in English. Simultaneous English-Arabic translation will be available at the conference and the event will be live-streamed in English and Arabic. The press release, media advisory, and final report will be made available in English and Arabic.